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Brigadeiros are chocolate truffles made simply with organic ingredients. Brigadeiros traditional way of being present is a chocolate truffles covered with chocolate sprinkles, but in the past years, it has been developed into a gourmet style and it can be found in a variety of flavors and toppings. This is what we are bringing to you. A sweet little delicacy from Brazil, handmade with fresh and the finest ingredients without any preservatives.


Brigadeiro [bree-gah-de-roh] was first made in the 1939 - 1945 after the World War II. They named the candy after Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, a failed politician, and high member of the Brazilian Air Force.  Gomes might be remembered for his looks than for his politics, as his failed run for the Brazilian Presidency but sweet was named after him. Now Brigadeiros are a big part of the Brazilian culture and a dessert that many people enjoy.


My name is Patricia Swolensky and I am the owner of Sweet Fairy Brigadeiros. Born and raised in Brazil, Brigadeiros was a big part of my life. Every event that I attend, Brigadeiros were there... I have to be honest, the love for sweets lead me to here... Being a mother of two children, I started to make Brigadeiros like the ones in Brazil for their birthday party and all my friends love them. They start to order from me for their children and from there it never stopped. Due to the demand I decide that it would be very nice to bring a little piece of my childhood here in hope that everyone will love Brigadeiros as much as I do...

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