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Confection Affection - Brazilian Brigadeiros getting local love in Las Vegas

Luxury Magazine Las Vegas

Article by Heidi Knapp Rinella

They’re fudgy, but not fudge. Sort of like truffles, but not quite. Brigadeiros are a unique hybrid native to Brazil, and they’re finding a place in Las Vegas. Patricia Swolensky started her Sweet Fairy Brigadeiros business four years ago, but the Brazilian grew up serving the treats at every festive occasion. While planning a birthday party, she made some to share with friends. “It was a big hit,” she said. “That’s when I got the idea to share one of the sweets that are very popular in Brazil.” She started with milk chocolate, then made coconut with plum, chocolate with peanuts, salt with caramel, then pistachio and more. Some are rolled in shaved chocolate, some in chocolate pearls, some in coconut. To make them even more festive, Swolensky create flower shells to hold them, made from paper and fabric in a variety of colors.

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